Vin eRetail | VinLister Feature List

Vin Lister Feature List

Module Features Description
Catalog Creation Bulk Upload from Excel Category specific, bulk upload templates available for multiple marketplaces
Import from PIM Pre-Integrated to Vinculum PIM for product data import
Import from external repository Custom Imports available to bulk upload catalog from external ERP’s
Image Import from Repository Ability to bulk import images from cloud repository
Catalog Enrichment Image Conversion to Marketplace dimensions Ability to convert base image(s) into channel specific size and resolution
Image hosting on Marketplace specific platform Ability to store Image on channel specific repository e.g. Dropbox or S3
Product Data conversion to Marketplace taxonomy Marketplace specific attribute mapping of client’s product data
Immediate Price Change Feature to update Channel specific pricing and publish to channel
Catalog Publish Capabilities File Export in Excel Option to download Channel specific upload ready sheets from VinLister
Framework for Auto Push to Marketplaces & Webshops For channels supporting auto upload, catalog can be synced directly from within the tool
Auto Catalog Push Integration Direct listing of Products to Marketplaces through VinLister using API Amazon
Bli Bli
Category Readiness Multiple categories availability Fashion & Accessories
Health n Beauty
Baby Products
Home Furnishing
Luggage & Travel
Adv & Mountaineering
Pet Supplies
Groceries, Meat & FMCG
Baby and Mother Care

VinStore Docs

Vin Store Feature List

Module Feature Description
Sales Offline Usage Run the business as usual even during Internet outages. A copy of transactions will be stored offline, and the data would sync itself once POS devices are online
Sales Screen User can scan multiple items in order to create a Bill
Customer Search/Create/Edit Add customer details
Phone number
Address Email Id
Bill Search Ability to search customer invoices using details:
Customer Name
Bill No.
Invoice Date
Bill Re-print Option Ability to re-print the bill
Hold Bill Ability to hold a bill during the transaction and move on in processing the new bill
Recall Bill Ability to recall the bill put on hold and complete the transaction
Cancel Bill Ability to cancel the bill if required by user
Price Override (Mark Up and Down) Option to override (increase or decrease) the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) given in product master.
Sales Representative bill level Choosing sales representative using drop down feature against each transaction
Sales Representative item level Choosing sales representative using drop down feature against each item
Tender Management Multiple payment modes should be enabled in the system:
Credit Card
Debit Card
Plutus Integration (Pine Lab)
Store Credit
Gift Card
Multi Finance
Discount Management Apply overall discount or item specific discounts during the transaction.
Coupon Management Ability to automatically provide discount on the invoice using discount code rolled out centrally from Head Office.
Promotion Management Run multiple promotion:
Line Level
Mix and Match
Omni Channel Endless Aisle Integration with brand webstore to place order for Home Delivery (Prepaid/COD)
Customer Customer Search Option to search the existing customer into the customer base using details:
Phone number
Customer ID
Email Id
New Customer Add Add customer details
Phone number
Address Email Id
Customer Fetch Custom Integration with the CRM application to fetch customer details
Customer details can be fetched on the basis of customer:
Unique Mobile no
Customer Name
Taxation GST Compliant Tax will automatically be calculated as per the tax structure fed into the product master against each SKU on the base price. Price fed into the product master is tax inclusive
Sales Return Return Process Sales return module to manage Return and Exchange of Sales Orders
Sales return using invoice search Ability to search the invoice using:
Invoice Number
Invoice Date
Customer Name
Customer Mobile number
Payment for Sales Return Payment option while processing returns – Store credit/Cash
POS Controller Day Opening / Closing Ability to set the business date and begin the day for business transactions and finally end the business day
Cash Declaration Cash declaration is required in order to reconcile the payments received from different tenders
Master Data View Product Master Product Master will be maintained by head office to capture details:
Product Details
Product Barcode
Product Cost and Price
Product Tax Structure
Product Vendor
Promotion User can view promotion which is running on stores
Store details Store Master will be maintained and updated centrally at the Head office with details:
Store Code
Contact Details
Back Office Goods Receiving (With/Without PO) Ability to receive goods with PO or without PO
Stock Transfer Ability to perform stock receiving and shipping based on Request Qty:
Stock transfer from Store to Warehouse
Stock transfer from Store to Store
Stock receiving from Warehouse to Store
Stock receiving from Store to Store
Stock Adjustment Ability to adjust the Stock (Positive or Negative)
Return to vendor/Supplier Return (With/Without PO) Ability to return the stock to vendor with PO or without PO
Inventory View Ability to check the inventory present in the system
Inventory Move Ability to move inventory from Good bucket to any other bucket
Stock Take Ability to do Full or Partial Stock count on the basis of Category, Brand or SKU’s
Barcode Printing Ability to do Label Printing
Centralised Stock Adjustment Ability to do stock Adjustment for multiple store at a single time from Head Office
Centralised Inventory Movement Ability to do Stock Movement from one bucket to other for multiple store at a single time from Head Office
Centralised Lottable manage Ability to do change lottable value from Head office
Repack Repacking of multiple Articles to create one Article
Reports Sales Representative Sales Associate Report
Daily Standard Reports (View & Export in Excel) Sales Report Day Wise

Till wise Sales Report

Tender Wise Report

Payment Daily Sales Report

Sales Associate Report

Discount Report

Endless Aisle Report

X Report

Z Report

Monthly Report (View & Export in Excel) Sales Report
Sales Associate Report
Product category wise Sales Report
Inventory Report
Purchase Report
Other Reports (View & Export in Excel) Store Performance Trend

KPI Report

Price Override Report

POS-Admin User Maintenance Ability to create multiple user for same location
Role Maintenance Ability to assign role and rights of modules which can be access by user
Sales Representative Master New/Update Sales Representative
Till Manage Ability to assign till through IP address or System name so that Sales Screen can be used on correct system
Integrations QwikCilver Gift Card Integration with QwikCilver (Selling and Redeeming)
Plutus Payment Integration Pine Labs Integration:
Debit Card
Credit Card
Wallet Integrations Paytm
Free Charge
Ali Pay
Ovo Pay
POS Hardware Cash Drawer
Pole Display
Auto Print


Vin eRetail | Vin Lister User Manual

Vin Lister User Manual

Vin Lister | Introduction

Vinculum VinLister helps a user in multiple ways from listing the SKUs on different marketplaces to managing their attributes with minimized ops.

  • Various marketplaces/channels available at single place for catalog management
  • Attribute, Images and Price can easily be changed through our VinLister portal


VinLister | Demo Steps

  1. Login to VinLister (
  2. Product Import on VinLister (Import Tab)
  3. Image import (Import Tab)
  4. Price Import (Import Tab)
  5. Product and marketplaces details (Product Tab)
  6. Product export and listing on Marketplaces (Export Tab)

Vin Lister | Product Import

First step to start with the VinLister is product upload for that go to Imports tab in Admin and select the Product from Import type then download the template for your sku category.

Path: VinLister >> Admin >> Import Type >> Product >> Download >> Category

Fill the template sheet with required details and import from the Upload File. There will be drop-down and text type cells in excel. All mandatory columns are required to be filled as per the Marketplace.

Path: VinLister >> Admin >> Import Type >> Product >> Upload File >> Import

Vin Lister | Image Import

There are two ways to upload the images on VinLister:

Method 1: Product images can be shared with in the product import template

Method 2: Direct dropbox can be linked with VinLister using Access Token to upload the images against SKUs.

Note: Image should be named after the SKU to map against them

Path: VinLister >> Admin >> Import Type >> Image Import >> Access Token (Dropbox)>> Import

Image Guidelines:

Image dimension should be 2000 x 2000 pixels or any square images above 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Image Renaming Process –
1)  If variation is on Sizes – Create a folder with parent SKU and rename images like abcd-1, abcd-2, abcd-3 where abcd is parent sku.
2) If variation is on Size and Color – Create a folder with stylecolorcode and rename images like abcd-black-1.jpg, abcd-black-2.jpg, abcd-black-3.jpg and abcd-red-1.jpg, abcd-red-2.jpg, abcd-red-3.jpg where abcd-black and abcd-red are color code.

Note: You can put all the images in single folder with above renaming.

VinLister | Products Details and Marketplaces Mapping

Uploaded SKU details can be viewed and assigned to marketplaces in Products screen.

To update the product prices and take the channel output, it is required to assign the SKUs to marketplaces

Path: VinLister >> Products >> Products

Vin Lister | Multi-Channel Price Import

Channel wise price can be added on SKUs from Import module. There are two ways to change the price:

a) Fill prices from scratch against SKUs using below steps:

  • Download the channel level sheet for price addition from Import section

Path: VinLister >> Admin >> Imports >> Import Type >> Channel Price >> Download Template >> Select Channel >>Download

  • Add the prices against SKUs in template

  • Upload the prices in VinLister using below path

Path: VinLister >> Admin >> Imports >> Import Type >> Channel Price

b)  Use pre-filled prices on SKUs and edit them, steps are given below:

  • Click on filter (Path: VinLister > Products > Products> Filter)

SKU and Category level can be applied to fetch the prices for specific products

  • Click on Channel Pricing Export option (Path: VinLister > Products > Products> Filter> Price Export) to download the excel sheet with SKU code and existing prices.

Note: Multiple channel selection option will be shown with limit of 5.

  • Excel sheet with prices will be available in Export module in VinLister (Path: VinLister > Admin > Exports> Filter):

Exports: Products output like attributes, prices in excel sheets can be downloaded from Exports screen in VinLister.

  • To make the changes in prices available in VinLister, user will have to edit the data in sheet

  • Import the updated price excel sheet in VinLister.

Path: VinLister > Admin> Imports > Import Type: Channel Price > Upload File > Import

Vin Lister | Marketplace Listing and Template Output

SKUs can be published on marketplaces either through direct excel upload or API linked with VinLister:

a) Output Sheet for Manual Upload

Excel Sheet: Imported SKUs on VinLister can be taken as an output at channel and category level from Exports module.

Path: VinLister >> Admin >> Exports >> Export Type >> Product by Export Profile

Output Sheet:

b) Marketplace Listing through API

Direct listing from VinLister to Marketplace (API): Uploaded SKUs can be directly pushed from VinLister to Marketplaces by using their respective APIs.

SKU Pushing Path: VinLister >> Master >> SKU Management >> Operation >> SKU Push >> SKU >> Process

SKU Management logs can be viewed in Transmit Enquiry Module.

Path: VinLister >> Admin >> Transmit Enquiry

Vin eRetail | Inventory


Inventory section under WMS provides all the details about each inventory present in the system. This section will enable the user to manage inventory via:

  • Inventory View
  • Inventory Move
  • Inventory Move History
  • Inventory Move by Scan
  • Intercompany Move
  • Bulk Update Lottables
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Outbound Gate Pass
  • Manage Outbound Memo
  • SKU Transaction History
  • Manage SKU Lot Transfer