Myntra is an Indian fashion e-commerce company headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The company was founded in 2007 to sell personalized gift items. In May 2014, was acquired by Flipkart. IN 2014.


There are 4 models of Myntra.

  • Myntra PPMP
  • Myntra JIT
  • Myntra FBM
  • Myntra Pretr/Omni

In this document we are going to discuss Vin e-retails Integration with Myntra JIT (Just in Time) and FBM (Fulfilled by Myntra) models.

Myntra JIT is PO-Backorder Type Marketplace Model which is based on customer Orders (saved as Backorders), Myntra will raise Purchase Order to Brands which is reflected as Sales order in our system.

Myntra FBM is a STN-Backorder Type Marketplace Model in which based on customer Orders (saved as Backorders), Myntra will raise Stock Transfer Order to Brands which is reflected as Sales Order in our system.

For the Myntra JIT and FBM Model, we have:

1. Order Pull

2. Back Order Qty Update

3. Order Shipment

4. Inventory Push

5.  Inventory Reconciliation

6. SKU Pull



Client must share the Username and password of Myntra Unicommerce Portal. Seller Login URL:

• Username: This is the login Username of Unicommerce Myntra Seller Portal 

• Password:  This is the Login password of Unicommerce Myntra Seller Portal

Note: After getting the above details a channel needs to be created in Vin e-Retail (channeltype:27). Make sure that the credentials are correct and whenever the credentials are updated by the client on Unicommerce seller panel, the same needs to be updated in Vin e-Retail else the user will be blacklisted and Order inventory sync stops.


1. Once all the above IDs are gathered, open your vin e-retail instance (ERP), Go to “Manage Channels” under “Sales Section.”

2. Go to the top right-hand side of the window and click on “Add New.”

3. Select the correct Myntra channel option from the list.

4. Fill all the details like Channel Name, order Source WH, Order Sync from date, Return Sync from Date, Inventory Sync Method, Enable Inventory Reconciliation etc.

5. Click on Configure Interface.

6. Enter the Username and Password of Myntra Unicommerce Seller Portal.

Note: The credentials should be correct and timely updated as and when it is updated on Unicommerce seller portal else the Client can be blacklisted

Channel Mappings 

The SKU Code of Unicommerce portal should be mapped in ChannelProductId and the Vendor SKU Code of Unicommerce portal should be mapped in Channel SKU code against the Vin-eRetail SKU code.

Other details about JIT and FBM integration:   

• Order Creation in Myntra JIT and Myntra FBM is a 2 Step Process. Firstly, we pull the PO list in transmitdetail. After that, the OrderCreate Call is made via OrderCreate Scheduler.

 • To enable the Back Order on the channel, FetchBackOrder flag in locationext table should be set to 1. (Currently this is 1 single step which must be done from the backend, going forward this will be auto enabled for all clients by default).

Channel Maintenance Window

Channel Maintenance set up helps the seller to reduce manual intervention and avoid the multiple usage of marketplace seller portal. With the selection of below options at Channel Maintenance window (Sales>Manage Channels>Add New>Select Amazon India) get the advantage of using multiple features of Vin e-retail: