Important points:

1. Username and password. Username can never be the email address. It is always an Alphanumeric value starting with “DV”.

(if the client shares the login credentials of AJIO VMS portal, then inform the client clearly that we need the Seller Id and Password using which the API calls will be made successfully, not the login credentials. If the client does not have the details, then the client/seller has to get in touch with his Account Manager to share the same).

2. Clients must share the B2B invoice series with AJIO Account Manager because the AJIO JIT invoice is coming from AJIO only. As per the GST Norms, it is mandatory that the series invoice no. between Brand/Seller/Client and AJIO system should be the same.

Important Points:

  • Article Creation Template is available on AJIO VMS.
  • If the client wants to resync the same again, client must get in touch with Vin e-Retails Account Manager/Support team to do the inventory reconciliation.

Important Points

  • Customer Orders will generate order pendency /backorders
  • Seller order pendency Sync /Backorder inventory pull at Vin ERP will reserve the inventory.

Important Points

  • It is mandatory and a non-negotiable condition that only one Package/Shipment/Delivery need to be created against one PO. Even if the seller is generating multiple PO’s in one picklist, Items of one PO cannot be added to the box of another Package/Shipment/Delivery. For this, we have added additional check in which Item belongs to 1 Shipment will not be added to another Shipment Box.
  • It is a mandatory process is to check the boxes “Scan LPN on Picking” and “LPN reuse after ship” on Pick Pack configuration screen.
  • On the manage picking screen, Seller must scan the box ID and put the same number on physical box which is scanned.
  • Once the 1st box is full, Seller has to physically close the box and then Start scanning 2nd  Box Id and its articles and the same process would be followed until and unless all the line items and it’s quantities are scanned fully.
  • As per the AJIO requirement and B2B order processing it is possible that the truck arrives to the warehouse however the entire Order Picking/Packing is not done or the truck doesn’t have the capacity to take all the items of 1 PO. To handle this, we provide a provision of “Delivery split.” This option is available on the “Manage Picking screen” under the “Actions” button as mentioned in the screenshot below.

Clicking on this Option will split all the remaining (items pending for Picking) line items into another delivery.

  • There are cases where the box size is too big containing 25-30 line items and the shipping label is of 3-4 pages; In that case, client/seller must paste the first page and last page of that Particular box label on that box and the remaining or mid 2 pages will be kept inside the box.

*Here, we are referring to the Shipping label of 1 specific box (whose shipping label is generated in 3-4 pages or more than that) and not for all boxes.

Important Points:

  • If one package/shipment/delivery has 3 boxes, then there would be 3 child AWB (which would also act as box tracking id) and one master AWB. In AJIO the first child AWB of a shipment/package/delivery act a master for entire package/shipment/delivery.
  • Once the box is closed, the seller would not have the provision to modify the content of the box. Hence, Vin e-Retail account Manager/Support Team will revoke the access of Un-Packing for the users working on AJIO order processing.
  • For Internal Use: Shipping label BIRT report is developed by Vin e-Retail team as per the format agreed between Vin e-Retail and AJIO’s Team. (Client specific deployment is required for AJIO at the time of channel configuration. BIRT Name is ShippingLabel_AJIO).

Important Points

  •  3PL will not pick any partial shipment.
  • Click on the “Request Manifest” to generate the manifest document.